Paul and Lynne live, work, and play in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge where they are inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds them. They use the calming influences of nature and the amazing creation of the Gorge to guide them in the design and creativity of their art work.
Paul worked in the family machine shop at a young age and learned the value of creativity, hard work, perseverance, and attention to detail. That experience and training created the foundation that has enabled Paul to become the successful metal artist he is today. He meticulously researches his subject matter revealing his strongest talents; design, balance, and function.

A variety of metals, wire, wood, and glass are utilized including reclaimed materials, secondary metals, and re-purposed glass. Finish techniques include grinding, sanding, polishing, heat, chemical patinas, weathering, and acrylics.
Lynne’s creative spirit complements Paul’s metalwork perfectly. She assists with sales, research, design, installations, wood processing and finishing, metal patina, hand paints the painted art, and creates embellishments of wire, beads, and glass. Together, they create beautiful detailed shapes and designs while retaining the integrity of the metal, stunning works of art that are both functional and enduring.